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Leweb3 on a one to ten scale

le web3 in paris web2.0 conference

The best think that happened at LeWeb3 gets a 10, the worst gets a 1. Let's go:

10) The unique chance to meet 1000 like-minded people from 37 countries in one place

9) The conversations that took place at the coffee breaks, lunch breaks, dinners and meetups

8) The constructive feedback we got from angel investors and venture capitalists about our new project

7) The presentation of Hans Rosling

6) The live comments at the IRC backstage channel that worked the second day.

5) The 40 minutes we had to wait to get our coats after the party.

4) The boring presentations and panels

3) Mike Arrington did not come and nobody explained us why

2) The Wi-Fi was not working the first day

1) The French politicians who used our event for their campaigns.

Overall it was a GREAT way to begin my week and I'm glad I was there!

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  1. That’s actually some pretty specific and constructive feedback and I agree with most of your points. Question now is how do we actually make sure such an event happens again and is (dramatically) improved as regards organization, reliability, transparency and content.

  2. The problem I have is that however good the coffee break discussion is, it doesn’t justify the boring presentations.

    The two best things on your list are the two things which weren’t actually provided by the organisers.

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